Yes, Another Cms!

Website content management system

Welcome to Yac! Yac is a free and open-source web application, committed to providing the best web content management experience for beginers and experienced webmasters alike. Released under the GPL licence, it is written in PHP and is highly customizable, does not need a database (but some optional modules may require it).

Download version 1.0 - Demo - Documentation - Source Forge Project page


  • PHP 5, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Clean SEO friendly URLs
  • Editing in place
  • No database required
  • Easy to customize, easy to theme
  • Downloadable external modules

Yac is the perfect choice for modern websites taking advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 features.

Back to the roots!

When most CMS applications today have grown to fully mature super heavyweight programs, Yac takes a different approach, getting back to the basic needs a small websites has and its primary objective : simplify site maintenance and content update.

Yac is fast, it does not do any fancy data processing, it just reads data from files and serve it at the proper position on the requested page. Editing in place of the website's sections also cuts down on site maintenance time so you can focus on your business rather than on your CMS!

Share and be social!

It is very simple to contribute to Yac, just open an account and start coding a module or a theme and upload it!

Yac is designed to be expanded by the use of external modules. Modules can be full featured applications or simple functions, like contact form, user login, and just anything you can imagine. Basically, a module can be just one single static page ! Or it can pull data from a database or do whatever you like,Yac will just be in charge of displaying its content!